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Selling price : 40 000 000 Ft
Living space : 300 m²

Selling price : 80 000 000 Ft
Living space : 500 m²
Land space : 2000 m²
Advantages : Garázs,Erkély,Klíma,Kocsibeálló,Pince,Tároló
Selling price : 33 000 000 Ft
Living space : 110 m²
Land space : 1200 m²

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We undertake responsible technical management for your buildings

With this particular service we would primarily like to please the residential population because the need for this service comes up more often in connection with private implementation as most of the small contractors work in this area. Construction companies with major investments usually have staff with the appropriate qualification. Our company also undertakes manegement for major in-vestments.

Our policy in connection with responsible technical management:

Over the past few decades in our country one had to appoint a person responsible for technical mana-gement when it came to implementations in the building industry. Without appointing such a person construction or demolition activities could not, and cannot, be started as there is a legal regulation for this. Also, unfortunately, the vast majority of building industry contractors do not have the appropriate or any qualification for the work that they undertake. However, it is no wonder: nowadays in our country everyone wants to go to college, and as a result physical professions are becoming absent. Just one recent example: in Fellner Jakab Secondary and vocational-training school, which is Komárom Esztergom county’s only vocational school, only one masonry class could be started with 3, that is three, students… This is in contrast to the eighties, when the same school launched two masonry classes per grade, each of them with thirty-six people. Thus, there were 72 persons in each grade, who wanted to be bricklayers. Bearing this in mind we believe that in the case of reseidential home-made constructions it is important not only to appoint a person responsible for tech-nical management but also to make sure that they are present at the site. This is important not only because of the aforementioned law, but also because of the professional and efficient execution of the construction. Last but not least, the rechnical maneger is there to represent the interests of the customer and later on the aspects of safe management.

We believe that a good technical manager can make a significant financial saving during the implementa-tion by ensuring professional implememntation and by overriding any erronous decisions.