Featured properties

Selling price : 40 000 000 Ft
Living space : 300 m²

Selling price : 80 000 000 Ft
Living space : 500 m²
Land space : 2000 m²
Advantages : Garázs,Erkély,Klíma,Kocsibeálló,Pince,Tároló
Selling price : 33 000 000 Ft
Living space : 110 m²
Land space : 1200 m²

Real estate agency
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Buying or selling property? Nowadays it is not simple at all and requires great consideration. Our division has pledged to take on this difficult task and help our future partners with our fulll expertise in selling or buying.
Dear clients intending to buy: we do not only find the right property for you but we will provide a full credit service and legal background in order to make things go smoother and easier!
If you liked our introduction, you can request further information the Contacts menu.

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Our division undertakes the evaluation of properties, land, shops and so on. Property eva-luation means evaluating the specified property by some specific aspect. The professional opinion al-lows for a wide range of use: for administrative procedures, credit, sale, letting or any other business, where determinating the real price is important.
The evaluation of the real estate is done by a compara-tive market evaluation.

Comparative market evaluation: comparison of the specified property with other properties that were sold or bought recently, and the price and parameters of which are known. The comparison is made taking into account buildings, structures, plots of similar or identical physical qualities. The known specific prices of these comparable properties make up the base set on which we carry out the examinations and analyses.
During the comparative study we examine the factors that may cause a significant difference in the properties value.

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Our division seeks to play a leading role on the market, and to provide complex services that can realize the ambition that everyone will recommend our division, and they will run their real estate transactions through our company.